Really Revised Kitchen

Design Statement

The existing kitchen was unworkable the refrigerator was adjacent to the stove, blocking entry to a doorway. The sink was in another room entirely. Though there was sufficient space in the room used as a dining area, it was broken up by windows and four doors one an entry, one to a bathroom, another to the basement and the fourth to the foyer. The budget was limited.

We kept most of the upper cabinets in the sink area and added natural maple base cabinets to match the trim and repainted two tall pantry cabinets for use in the formal dining room. We ran a wall at 45 degrees from the existing chimney across the corner of the formal dining room and cut a new entryway into the casual dining area. We relocated the refrigerator to the diagonal wall, left the sink in its original place and installed a new range on the outside wall where it could be vented easily, providing a better flow for food preparation and both casual and formal dining.

We surrounded the radiator below the windows, adding countertop and open and closed storage areas.

Before Photo

Really Revised Kitchen Before Photo

After Photo

Really Revised Kitchen After Photo

Floor Plan

Really Revised Kitchen Floorplan
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