River Bath

Design Statement

The Owner of this weekend home on a river wanted a luxurious bathing experience. The existing bathroom was dominated by a spa recessed into the floor.

We tiled the floor with tumbled onyx mosaic tile and the walls with a restful green pulled from the onyx mixture. We set the tub, in which the bather is submerged in a deep, tranquil pool with water cascading over the edge and recirculating, under new windows that allowed a view of the meandering river. The end of the tub provided a seat in the open shower and a recessed area for shampoo and accoutrements. A hand-held shower, low tub spout, and ceiling shower kept walls clear of distractions. A wall-hung toilet and cantilevered vanity kept the focus on the tile work and a towel warmer provided heat for towels and for the room.

Before Photos

River Bath Before Photo #1 River Bath Before Photo #2

After Photos

River Bath After Photo #1 River Bath After Photo #2

Floor Plan

River Bath Floorplan
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