River Kitchen

Design Statement

This kitchen was installed in a great room with only a chimney dividing it. The weekend house is on a river so we wanted to maximize the views and access to the yard. The original kitchen was on the opposite side of the room. We closed up one door and added a door to the deck between the kitchen and a new bay window in the living area. We used Rainforest Marble on the countertop to mimic the riverine quality of the landscape and two colors of concrete for the sink counter and walls holding a walnut slab used for an eating counter. The backsplash was of metal tiles to go with the stainless appliances, with a center area of river stones. Owner said there were twenty-five guests for Thanksgiving and plenty of room for all the cooks and diners.

Before Photo

River Kitchen Before Photo

After Photo

River Kitchen After Photo

Floor Plan

River Kitchen Floorplan
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